Lera's Invitation

Imagine landing on an alien planet: as the spaceship door closes behind you, you encounter painful pressure, blinding lights, moving shadows, loud noises, cold temperatures, and difficulty breathing. With this first terrifying encounter, your attention would be perpetually focused outward like a search light scanning the horizon to avert danger and secure whatever comfort and safety you could; your mind would be committed to finding something to have, do or be that would allow you to relax and be at home here in your life.

This orientation may seem logical and may even have brought you success in the world; but as you may have noticed, it has failed to secure happiness for very long. Why is fulfillment so illusive? Perhaps because you have been looking in the wrong direction. The natural ease and joy of life that you have been seeking is not out there where the search light of your attention is fixated. Regardless of how long the world has hijacked your attention; you retain the ability to turn your attention inward, to notice...that which you have been seeking is ever present.


Inward turning is all about relying on your inner guidance rather than following blindly what anyone else in the world tells you. Walt Whitman said it clearly: Re-examine all that you've been told and dismiss that which insults your soul. Turning inward allows you to sense what insults your soul and give your attention only to what resonates with you.

Below are four avenues of inward turning I have found beneficial in my own experience. I invite you to explore what you are drawn to. All are doorways to noticing (not thinking about) what life is offering you at any given moment. Notice your body's sensations and energies. Notice your thoughts and the gaps between the thoughts. Become more conscious of your subconscious by noticing your nighttime dreams. Turn your attention deeper, beyond mind and body, to notice that you are always here, and your capacity to notice has never been damaged by any of your experiences. Welcome inward.

Just one look

Just One Look

Just one look is an invitation from John Sherman to experience the power of human consciousness to free itself from the perspective that life itself is the problem. The accomplishment of a simple act sets a course towards sanity and satisfaction where our reactions and self-destructive behaviors begin to fall away to be replaced by more positive ones. More.
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Dream Work

The unique Archetypal Dreamwork taught by Marc Bregman for almost 40 years holds that your nighttime dreams offer an individualized and particular map, through the landscape of feeling and experience, to your essential self. Inward turning through Archetypal Dreamwork aids in fully reclaiming those parts of yourself lost along the way. More.

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Meditation is a practice of relaxing your body and mind while still being alert and noticing what is present in the moment. Peaceful stillness is its own reward. Inward turning through meditation also offers support and training of attention for deepening your experience of who you are. More.

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Reiki (ray-kee) means Universal Life Force Energy in Japanese. Reiki is an ancient healing art which provides relief from pain, stress and emotional issues. Inward turning through Reiki facilitates healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms and deepens your experience of who you are. More.

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