Who is Javier?

Javier Chacon became a Reiki Master in 2005. His energy work and intuitive abilities grew organically when Gregory Antyuhin, a renowned intuitive from the Caucasus (Russia) asked him to assist him by doing long distant energy work at LifeWorks in Boca Raton.

A native of Cuba, Javier came to the US in 1962. His first energy work was a career as an Electrical-Electronics engineer. Only after he retired from IBM did his attention turn to the more subtle energies.


Perhaps some of Javier's intuitive abilities were inherited from his father who was a medical doctor in Cuba. Dr. Julio Chacon had a practice in his home in the small town of El Cristo, about 45 minutes from a hospital. With no local diagnostic equipment, Dr. Chacon relied heavily on his own intuitive abilities in treating patients.

Javier is available for both long-distant and in-person energy treatments. All services are to be used in conjunction with, and as a complement to, your physician's recommendations.

Energy Sessions:

In-person sessions in his East Boca Raton home are one hour long. The fee       is $80 cash or check.

Long-distance one hour energy phone sessions include the 15 minutes before contacting the person by phone when Javier tunes into their energy.
The fee for a Long-distance treatment is $80 paid by prior check or Paypal.

To make appointments with Javier, email: inwardturning@gmail.com or call Lera at 561-706-2603.

Gregory Antyuhin dubbed Dr. X-Ray by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in London, he uses his unique skills as an Energy Visioneer to discern the condition of the etheric body and many physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic stressors. He was a Medical Doctor in Russia who trained at the State Institute of Stavopol. He was head of the Grand Medical Center in Pyatigorsk, Russia before relocating to the United States.


Contact: Lera Chacon